Write a Great Product Review For Your Blog

Write a Great Product Review For Your Blog

Write a Great Product Review For Your Blog

That Visitor and Readers will want to read

You can write a great product review all you need is to remember a few items.  As bloggers we all have an opinions, if not we would not have created a website. Reviewing products on your website should be part of your blog.  So writing a review on products shouldn’t be that difficult.  But, if you’re not sure exactly where to start.  I have a few tips and suggestions on where to find products to review, what information should be included in every review, and what possible steps you can take after the article is posted. So write a great product review for your blog starts now.

The fastest and easiest way to start a product review on your site is by reviewing products that you already use. That how I did it. Products that relate to your website but you use as an affiliate marketer (see my Post title “My Related Product Reviews”) area.

Contact your Affiliate Manager

You are probably getting email from your affiliate program manager if you’ve joined any affiliate programs.  They can be helpful and you can request to get a free product from the company to review. Of course, providing your affiliate manager with some samples of your reviews will help and they can maybe partner to make this request for you.

Keep in mind the following items:

  1. You should sell yourself – why you and your blog/website are a good fit for their product or brand.
  2. Let the company know “what’s in it for them”.
  3. Let the company know why you need the product in front of your reader, visitor, and audience.
  4. Let the company know that you will share the product review in your blog, social media and if possible even a YouTube or video on your website.
  5. Apply for the different affiliate networks such as: Amazon, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate and others (just type affiliate program + the name of your niche or product).

Use the 5W’s and an H 

Product Review Five W and H

The 5 W’sand the H refers to the six questions that a blogger should answer. Who, What,Where, When, Why and How.  These should answer questions on the product that is being review.

  1. Who – who can use and enjoy the product being review?
  2. What – what is the product being review?
    1. Provide a full description
  3. Where can this product be used?
  4. When can this product be used?

Note 3 & 4 may not always be needed; sometime it can situational

5.  Why – reason why your visitor or reader should purchase the review product.
6.   And finally – How – how does this product better or makes their life easier.

  • This one is important – sells and commissions come from here
  • Use words that will trigger positive responses from visitors and readers like:
    • Free, value, guaranteed; act now; convenient; buy one, get one.

Other items to include on your Product Reviews

  1. Include your honest opinion about what you think of the product.
  2. Include a con and pro for the product review.
  3.  It OK to give a gentle criticism of a product.  Not all products are perfect and an A+ review need not be given.  Just include what you don’t like about the product into the review.
  4. Your products review will help visitors and readers make an informative decision on whether they need to purchase the product.
  5. Your honest product review will develop more trust between you and your visitors and readers.
  6. Consider and Keep your audience (readers & visitors) in mind.
  7. Take or use quality images. Always include a picture or image.

Use Affiliate Links

Write Great Product Review Affiliate Link
Write Great Product Review – Affiliate Link 

By using product review you will be able to monetize your post via affiliate links.  Products can be digital, food items, diet, physical products or travel; any products has an affiliate program which will provide an affiliate link, just do a little search and you will find.

  • Join the affiliate program
  • Promote by writing articles and great product reviews
  • Earn – visitors and readers will buy and commissions will “ring in”

Call to Action

You want your visitors and readers to purchase the product you review, right?  Make sure to use a “Call To Action” button, or type the word “Buy Now” or a graphic or it can say “Click here now to buy this product”.  It should be at the end of your post.  Don’t forget to include your affiliate link.

After Product Review is Posted

  1. Promote – your review on your social media.  Use your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ Google or Share accounts.  The more people see your review the more chances of monetize your post.
  2. Keep Statistics – Use Google Analytics it can help to track every interaction that visitors performs on your site.
  3. Follow-up with the brand or company for the product review. Show them the review (include the link to the post) and mention all the social media used.  This may lead to a negotiable higher commission and higher price products.

One last item

Product Review can be excellent content on your website.  By writing products reviews on a regular basis you can be seen as trustworthy, and knowledgeable to your visitors and readers.  It can lead to higher commissions and better opportunities. So go ahead write a great product review for your blog.

An additional skill to keep in Mind

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Please share your thoughts of comments and Thank you !



  1. Thanks for the lesson on how to write a product review!  I found it really helpful and it is refreshing to see that you also suggest reviewing products that you have first hand experience with.  It is always so nice to know that the reviewer can truly back their opinions with personal experience and great to know that you can request a free product to review – I never would have thought of that!  I’m very excited to get started with reviews (and continue to create them regularly) based on your guide, it opened up so many doors that I hadn’t previously considered 🙂

    • Good day amwbusiness,

      Thank you so much for your kind words.  i am very glad that my article has provide many options to writing a great product review. it great to know that my visitors and reader not only enjoy the article but can take a little knowledge with them.

      The first reviews that I wrote about are true and honest.  I review items that I actually use on a daily base (first hand experience) that helps me with my affiliate marketing training.  And I have also recently request a product for free to review since I have use it at my regular job and saw that a similar product was create for the “home office”.  

      Very best and continue on your online success,

      Lady Esther  

  2. Hey there, great post about how to write a great product review! The 5 Ws and an H is awesome advice to go about writing a post. It’s nice to see something like this when blogging for myself. Glad you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, that platform is awesome for any beginner affiliate. What do you like about WA?

    • Hi Nate,

      Thank you for the comments.  Glad to know that my research on the 5 W’s and H can provide a base for your product review on your blog. I use it, when I prepare my product reviews and so far it a great tool for my articles.  

      I am a newbie to WA and so far I enjoy the training, live events and the Q & A  (where you can look up a possible answer to your question or concern on a topic).  I recently began using a Passion Planner for setting my goals (need to write then down because I have broken them down to weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

      Here is my link to that article in case you have an interest:


      Very best on you online business,

       Lady Esther

  3. Thank you for these awesome tips. I feel like my reviews just got better just from reading this. I am curious what your thoughts are on having the call to action button on the summary box area where I talk about price, product, founder, etc. Do you think it is bad to have it there and at the bottom?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the comment and your kind words. Glad to know that my article has been of some assistance.

      I use a “ call to action” button because it gives attention and it help for the reader and visitors see where they need to go. It’s always go to let them know we’re they can purchase the product and how easy it can be by clicking on the link.

      I like to offer the button at the bottom and a link at the area were the infor of the product is description. A simple link not to flash; like the name of the website: take for sample Amazon – I would make that a simple link.

      Hope this information is helpful, very best,


  4. I have my own affiliate website where I only do reviews on specific products using affiliate links. Reading this article was really interesting, helpful and useful for me. I have learned a lot of ideas and how to write a better review on products. Thank you for sharing this article with us. I’m really looking forward to use these tips towards my next review.

    • Hi Sujandar Mahesan,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and provide comment.  I am very glad that my post has provide a new look into doing product reviews for you. 

      Very best on your online business,

      Lady Esther

  5. Something I have not done consistently that you mentioned here is to contact my affiliate manager and request a free trail product to gain a true user experience. I have a question for you as well: I believe I heard Google+ is going to be discontinued, have you heard anything in tis regard? Thanks for your time and reply.

    • Hi Myles,

      Thank you for sharing your comment, greatly appreciated.  Try it, once in a while I do get an affiliate manager to assist with this task and I can honestly provide a product review that I have used.  

      As for Google+; yes I did read an article on the shut down of Google+ to happen over the next 10 months. It was due to a security issue, but nothing new yet?

      Thank you for the sharing, very best.

      Lady Esther

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