WordPress A Powerful Website Builder

WordPress a Powerful Website Builder

WordPress a Powerful Website Builder


As a newbie the question that you may ask is: Why should I use WordPress for my website.  WordPress a powerful website builder.  WordPress has many  features to make your website or blog  a success. As a newbie, a season blogger or an affiliate marketer using WordPress gives you the ease, facility and platform to create a website that you can customize with plenty of plugins that WordPress can offer to you.

Definition of WordPress

In case you don’t know WordPress began as a blogging tool,  that develop and evolve into a powerful website builder. One of WordPress best features is that is very easy to use and flexible.  Due to its strong features WordPress is one of the most used by popular brand online.

WordPress Powerful Website

WordPress Powerful Website





Let look at some of these features:

  1. It Free software –  you can download, install, use, build upon and modify to what ever you need on your website may be.  It’s  consider “Open Source Software”.
  2. Easy to customize with theme and plugins –  for newbies WordPress can be a great solution with free website templates or themes that you can choose from.  You can find a theme for your blog, online business website or for your online store.
  3.  Plugins will help to customize your website – WordPress plugins are like app that you are able to use to add feature to have; contact forms, membership area, and analytics and much more.
  4. SEO friendly – WordPress is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly helping to  make your website better optimize and will tend to rank higher than other website in search engines.
  5.  Notification of updates – One of the good features of WordPress it notified you when updates need to be done for plugins and themes (within dashboard) by a simple click of a button.
  6. Safe and Secure – consider to be very safe platform to run a website.
  7.  Media friendly – WordPress can handle different types of media – built-in media up-loader so it can handle any images, audio, video files that you may insert, or include into your website.  Social media such as; YouTube, Instagram photos, etc can be add by just pasting the URL into the WordPress post editor.
  8.  Online funds – your website or blog can make you money from your WordPress site by having and running your own ads without sharing revenue with anyone.
  9. User support – WordPress does have a forum were questions are asked and answered.


WordPress may not be for everyone, but it can be a great tool!  Its flexibility website builder can help you to create any type of website imaginable. This can include a blog, online business or a site that promote your affiliate program/s.

WordPress can be a great website platform for those that have a website that is complex or heavy in content.   Keep in mind that you will need to dedicate time, learn about the plugins and be aware that you may need to invest on your website.

As you can see this article has provide only a few of the great features that WordPress has. I would suggest that you try it yourself.  In that way you can experience the power of this platform. Give it a try and see for yourself.




Video Taken from YouTube – FreeWordPressVideos

Published on Jul 23, 2012


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Please share your comments, questions or feedback, thank you!




  1. Hi Esther,

    WordPress is such a great tool to use to create a website. It is super practical skill to have today and not having to learn coding is a way to make your life easier. Especially with many plugin available today to help you with your SEO and other stuff can help you keep going. WA has a great tutorials for wordpress. How did you learn about WA?

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree about WordPress. I know a little HTML but the fact that it’s not necessary, great feature.

      As for how I learn about WA, it was by checking some videos in YouTube and reading some articles.

      At the moment my favorite thing about WA is their reasonable price and the training. I can go at my pace since I am a newbie for online business and affiliate marketing.

      Very best 


  2. Hello LadyEsther. Hope you’re having a good time. Of all the Website builders around, I have not seen any like WordPress. WordPress is simple and yet powerful. It is used by over 60% Websites. I am embarking on a journey to Financial freedom via Affiliate Marketing and WordPress has been awesome in the process. Thank you for sharing…

    • Hi BEazzy Shifts,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes I agree, having such an easy and flexible platform does help with doing the articles. I am still learning more about the different plugins and how they can help my website.

      Thank you, very best 


  3. I have used WordPress for years on every single site I have and I am more than happy with it.

    As a basic content management system and web builder it is outstanding and very easy to use.

    It is always updated with the latest ideas and for most people this would be a great tool.

    For specialized requirements, you may need to venture to other platforms but for the most part WordPress is good enough for most.

    There are thousands of add on plugins.

    I find combining it with the power of Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to boost any site.

    the training there is excellent and will guide the user to a successful online experience

    Great job of reviewing.


    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you for visiting my website and provide your comments.

      I certainly agree with you. I am a newbie so my online business is not very long.  I am still learning about WordPress. So far I enjoy and use and found easy to learn most items/plugins with WP.  My website is a work in progress but I enjoy each step i have taken.  

      Yes, I too enjoy the training here at WA and i am glad that tools, resources are all include. 

      Very best on your online endeavors,

      Lady Esther

  4. Great post and good info. 

    WordPress is known as a very wonderful and powerful tool, I’m using it for a long while now, and you can do everything with it what you can imagine. 

    I wouldn’t change anymore, since I have everything what I need in one. 

    If you hesitate to use it, you really have to try it. 

    Thanks for sharing it. 

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comments.

      Totally agree with you, WordPress is an great tool to use for website building.   WordPress does have other uses for a blogger that is not with Wealthy Affiliates and it has its own prices .

      Very best, Lady Esther

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