Strategies For Goal Setting – As A Newbie



Strategies For Better Goals

Strategies For Goal Setting – As A Newbie


So lately I notice that I am all over my work. Trying to take care of my personal life, work life (have 2 jobs) and also working on my website. I find that my mind is trying to juggle everything but that very little get accomplish. I usually end up inefficient and work is scattered.  I realize that I need to get back to my Passion Planner and create my strategies for goal settings as a newbie. Having no time at that moment, I decide to wait until the weekend.

Then a couple of days later while I was waiting for my bus, I read an article about productivity. It gave me some good reminders, which at the same time made me realize it time to get out my Passion Planner.   It’s time to set strategies for my goals or I will not be successful with my affiliate marketing online business.   I know that my training at Wealthy Affiliate will  help me create a positive outcome along with my strategies for goal setting for my online business.

Keep in Mind the Following Items:

1. You can do a lot, in little amount of time.

2. Set goals – map out – that means write them down – have a Passion Planner were you can see them

  •  Set goals for daily tasks
  •  Set goals for weekly tasks
  •  Set goals  for monthly tasks

3. By writing them down you can control your time, schedule and productivity.

4. Create your goals for the day, for the week and, for the month and once it on paper do not change or add to it.

5. Take care of the goals that are more difficult first.  It will help to polish your skills in that area that need help.

6. Set time for each task.  Do not deviate or add any additional items!

7. Pick a day  or set a time that is dedicated only to your writing for your blog or the articles. What I mean is set aside 45 to 60 minutes just for writing, nothing else. Turn off the cell, no answering emails or participating in social media. Just writing; nothing else, try it!

8. Must of all avoid multi-tasking. You will realize that it’s less efficient. You are not concentrating in one item but many that are not getting done to their full potential.  Our online business will have its up and down but,  don’t let your efforts lack.  Keep your schedule and make sure you have daily and weekly and monthly goals. This will keep you on focus which will produce a positive impact on your success and your goals.

9. One last tip, which is what I do (but lately I kind of left aside), use a Passion Planner. Writing goals down makes them much clearer and help for you to lay out the steps.

Types of Goals

You will find that there are three type of Goals:

  • Time – these goals are the one we call short and long term goals
  • Focus – this goal is what we are currently doing – focusing on becoming a great affiliate marketer that will be successful online – bringing financial freedom by using the training, resources and sharing with questions, suggestions and tips available at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Topic – this type of goal can be almost anything. It can be a personal, profession or financial.

Keep in mind that these types of goals can be interchangeable because you create them to achieve success, and confident.

Setting Realistic Goals

As a person we must consider the goal we want to achieve and commit. Keep in mind the following which I learned about some time ago and realize that I need to get back to it. Use a method called:


  • Specific –
  • Measurable
  • Attainable (achievable)


  • Relevant
  • Time-bound






Please watch the video for a better understanding of SMART Goals


I use a Passion Planner because it helps me be specific. I can write it down which makes my goal attainable. It becomes relevant to my goal because of what I want to achieve by seeing the step I need to take.  Its a time frame, the calendar,in the Passion Planner put the days and the deadline for each step for my goals. I suggest you write them down. You can easily cross off each step or task in the Passion Planner as you achieve them.



I welcome your comments and feedback.




  1. Thank you for sharing this instructive review on strategies for goal setting as a newbie.I agree with without goal no success.The goals also must be achievable because if goals are vague,they can’t be achievable the result no success.As newbie,setting goals is the great point to arrive to what is desired.Everyone has passion that’s what pushes us towards setting goals to achieve that passion.

    I learn something new today that life without focus is like a gun without bullet.For newbie,focus will be necessary in this business because it is not an easy work as many think.

    • Hi Julienne Murekatete,

      Thank you for the comment. I agree with you having goals makes it easier to understand what steps you need to take.  By having goals it helps to layout your plan on your short and long terms goals.  You are right online business is hard work with planning your goals dedication and being focus, jyou should have success.  

      I find that if my write down my short and long term goals  in my Passion Planner, I can see the steps I need to take and at the same time it help to focus, revise and move forward on my online business success. For me the method of SMART has worked along with using my Passion Planner. 

      Good luck in your endeavors,

      Lady Esther 

  2. This is a great way for anyone to organize there time, i am very bad at organizing time, time always gets away from me and i get distracted easy. i think i should try one of those passion planners maybe ill get my life more organized. lol for me i think it takes more then just writing down goals, i am a scatter brain i would probably need a bigger visual like a calendar white board.

    • Hi Mandle 

      Thank you for your comment.  I have to agree with you, I am one of those that if I don’t write it down and see my plan things and time seems to get away from me. That why I enjoy my Passion Planner so much!  I can set a layout for my short and long term goals and see the deadline for each (with possible adjustments). 

      I know what you mean, the Passion Planner come in different size and maybe it can help you. I know for my experience that having the Passion Planner has help me to stay more organize, makes my short and long term goals clearer (the steps and items that need to be taken care of).

      Keep in mind that the Holidays are coming, if you are thinking of trying a Passion Planner, maybe put it on your wish list…again thank you for your comment.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther

  3. Dear Ladyesther,

    Thanks for the informative post on Strategies For Goal Setting and your post is a must read.

    Great and sound advice… Goal setting plays a vital role in any business success and when it comes to working online from home its a very must since we have a lot of distractions. 

    I am a full-time blogger working from home and I really got great insights from your post.

    Writing it (Our Goals and daily tasks) down is really powerful and keeps me focused and reminds my job.

    I came across this S.M.A.R.T goal setting few years before I just read and didn’t try it. After reading your post I am going to implement it.

    Wishing you much success!


    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your comment.  Totally appreciate all the comments you provide here. Yes, I firmely believe on the Passion Planner because I am one of those individual that needs to write it down and see the process. You are right, goal setting plays a vital role on out online business success.

      Glad to know that my article was able to remind you of a good method for goal setting.  

      If you get other chance to visit my website, please read my other articles and feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

      Continue on your Online success and all your endeavors,

      Lady Esther 

  4. Great post on a very important and much over looked subject. I never used to write daily and weekly goals but over the last months I have started do so. It is amazing how more productive I have become. I do write down my goals but I am guilty of adding more goals as I go … This I will changing now. Thanks again for the pointers 

    • Hi Martin Burt,

      Thank you for the comment. I am so glad that my article has provided some pointers or reminders. You are correct and that is the reason why  I use a Passion Planner. The layout is so user friendly and it help me to see and identify my goals and build toward them on a daily bases. Checking and adjusting my plan for my short and long term goals.

      I would suggest that maybe you get a Passion Planner, …our niche is our passion, our goals are the plan for our online success; so together it is a Passion Planner. .. lol 

      Again, thank you, 

      Very best 


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