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ZIZO – The Website for Smartphone Protection

ZIZO is a website that provide different style cases to protected your smartphone.   The following brands are service and protected by ZIZO: iPhone, Samsung, Google, LG, HTC, ZTE, Alcatel, Motorola and CoolPad.  ZIZO also carries a great selection of accessories such as: AMP, chargers, cables Power Banks, etc.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the different protective cases that ZiZo offers. ZiZo has a unique selection of cases for all types of phone. These cases have different options and styles.

Heavy Duty Cases – the selection is about 18 different styles and features. Below are just two of the heavy duty cases available and to choose from:  Please visit the website to see the Great selection.

  • Bolt Series – its a military drop tested case that also has a tempered glass screen protector and kickstand
  • HYBTFM cases – a dual layer case with a built in kickstand. Great feature is SLIM and shockproof with a UV coated metallic PC.

Thin Cases –  these cases have dual layer protective sleek metallic rugged shell, it heavy duty strong but lightweight

  • Slim Hybrid Series – a heavy duty case that is ultra thin lightweight with anti scratch shockproof protection
  • TPU Series – these cases are thin and lightweight with heavy duty protection, shockproof and a slim dual payer

Nebula Series – its for iPhone and some Samsung phones cases with a tempered glass screen protector, it also has a zipper pouch and card slot

(see image below)

ZiZo Nebula Series

ZiZo Nebula Series

Features to enjoy from Zizo cases

  • ZiZo also has other styles such as: Retro Series, Wallet Cases, Leather Cases, Bling Cases; Design Wallet Cases.  ZiZo has the case that will protect your phone and give you style, protection and a great price.
  • ZiZo, price range is very reasonable (ranging from $12.99 to $34.99) and that’s not looking at the sales or promotion that they have in the website.
  • ZiZo has a very good selection of protective cases for your smartphone (be it for you, your family, friends or for a gift).
  • ZiZo will give you style, sleek design, protection and a great price for a case that will case for your phone.
  • ZiZo case will give you the grip you want for your phone and you will feel worry free since  most of the cases are made for a good grip on the hand.
  • ZiZo cases are durable, great grip, amazing style and design and affordable prices.
  • ZiZO cases bring you great functionality, features and quality.

Conclusion and Endorsement

I recently order my new iPhone MAX and also the case protector from ZIZO. I order: ZiZO Hybrid Series – iPhone XS Max case – has dual layer heavy duty protector with built in kickstand, shockproof protection. In Burgundy & Gold color. Once I have both item I will do a brief review on the fit, style and feel of the case. Here is an image of the case I order:

ZiZo iPhone xs max case

ZiZo iPhone Xs Max case

Description on website: Protect your phone with style through this sleek cover. Provides ultimate protection from scratches and its perfect mold keeps the phone trim and trendy. Reinforced to the sides to ensure the durability of the case. Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone. Packed in high quality poly bag packing. This case is compatible with iPhone XS Max.

Information about the ZIZO Warranty

For returns, exchanges, or replacements, we offer a 30 Day Warranty – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The first day begins the moment you place your order with us. You must contact us within your warranty period for assistance.

All Zizo cases purchased from Zizo is guaranteed under a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty. The product must show valid signs of defect in order to qualify. This warranty begins the first day of your purchase.

About Extended Warranty

Want an extended warranty on your cases, screen protectors, or holsters? At Zizo, we offer a Lifetime Product Warranty (sold separately) that will provide you with a code to replace those broken or missing parts. The Lifetime Warranty provides a 100% discount code for all replacement holster/screen protectors. Furthermore, it provides a 70% discount code for all replacement cases. This warranty is sold separately and is recommended to be purchased with your case.

The shipping and handling fee is not included in the lifetime warranty. The customer is responsible for paying the shipping and handling fees for any extended warranty being claimed.

NOTE:  Having trouble finding the warranty? Please be sure to disable ad-blocker to get an option to add the Lifetime Warranty to your cart.


Visit ZIZO website and find out for yourself the value these case have and the affordable prices.

Zizo currently has a Discount of 20% – use the code –  MyZizoCase

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Can also visit Amazon for Great Buys on ZIZO smartphone cases !

Landing page for the latest Zazzle coupons

Please leave your comments or feedback below.

Thank  you for sharing.


  1. I must say I have never heard of Zizo but they seem to carry quite a few different cases. I like the price range of $12.99 to $34.99 which makes them very affordable. The styles are quite varied too – I like the Nebula series.

    I notice quite a few are shock resistant but do they carry any that are waterproof – say if you want to go snorkeling and would like to capture what’s around you.

    Thanks for a great informative article on the Zizo.

    • Hi Mary Ann,

       Thank you for the comments and feedback. Yes ZiZo has really very affordable prices and the cases come in many different styles, unfortunately no waterproof yet. Sorry about that, but i hope you can consider purchase a cases to your liking or has a gift for a family, friend or co-worker. ZiZO currently has a 10% discount, please check the website or my article again for the code.

      Thank you so much your comment. Very Best,


  2. zizo protective casing is in top of their games. I love this post you have posted.  I always love to have a feel of firm grip and smartness with my smartphone.  

    I will recommend it for files and friend for both iPhone and smart phones.   The price range isnt a bad idea.  Getting that much sleek,  protection,  and style for the given price is lovely. 

    • Hi Olonisakin Kehinde,

      Thank you for the comments. You will enjoy the case you buy.

      Very best,


  3. Yes Olga Looks like a tough phone case. Do you know about the drop test? What would be the distance of drop and still have optimum protection? I work in lifts and need a decent amount of drop protection.

    I read about the metallic case and am wondering what type of metal that the case is made of? I was going to go to the ZIZO website but seems as though there site may be down because the link you provided did not work. The Amazon link seems to be down as well.


    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your comments and feedback. I fix the links and they are working now, thank you for letting me know. As for the drop test you will need to check the military and or shock cases. They each have a description and provide specifications.

       Take for example: ZIZO Shock2.0 Series for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case – Military grade drop tested with tempered glass screen protector PC metallic bumper – The Zizo [Shock 2.0 Series] has gone through rigorous testing and is a certified Military Grade Drop Tested 810.1-G product. 

      I hope this help and also ZiZO is currently having a 10% Discount, please visit my website again and use the code there, in case you would like to make a purchase -very reasonable prices.

      Again, thank you, very best


  4. How durable is the zizo nebula phone case when it comes to being dropped? I notice you mentioned that this series of protectors have a tempered glass screen protector? 

    Also, is there a warranty or replacement offer should the case break or is it cheap enough to just buy another case?

    • Hi Jessie palaypay,

      Thank you for visiting my website and the comment.  Yes the ZiZO Nebula series do; take for example: ZiZo Nebula Wallet series for iPhone X/Xs case – military grade drop tested with tempered glass and zipper pouch.

      You will need to look at the smartphone case you would like to purchase and read the description and specification. Google review gives 

      Here is the link to the warranty:  https://www.zizowireless.com/zizo-lifetime-product-warranty

      Hope you visit my website again and if possible make a purchase, the prices are very reasonable and ZiZO is currently having a 10% discount. You can find the code on my website,

      Thank you , very best


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