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In today world as individuals we live and lead a very active way of life. This life we live is willed with many worries and days of different types of stresses. Our brain are overloaded with so much information from different medias. These can lead to cognitive issues. Sometimes a person may notice memory and thinking issues. Good thing that there is a product that can help an individual with these issues. It is Lumonol, a brain supplemental specially created to enhance cognitive performance. Manufactured by the company Avanse. This enhancing supplemental is designed to:


Lumonol pic

Help with concentration

Improve focus

Mental clarity

Reduce anxiety

Improves learning ability

Improves energy

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What is Lumonol?

It’s a Noopept base supplemental promising to assist an individual develop a smarter, calmer, more focused mind after just about 30 days. Nootropics have been used by humanity for many centuries. Lumonol contains Guarana which is able to enhance cognitive power. Lumonol is not a multivitamin, it’s to be consider a brain supplemental (dietary supplemental).

Lumonol Brain

Lumonol Brain


Ingredients of Lumonol

Lumonol’s website provides a clear detail list of the ingredients of the supplemental and explains how they help the brain.

Here are just a few of them.Lumonol Ginger

  • Lumonol GingerPanax Ginseng – natural enhancer of memory able to improve mood and cognition. It can also decrease anxiety, help prevent memory loss. Ginseng works well in combination with Ginkgo.
  • L-Tyrosine – a prominent amino acid which will enhance the overall processing and activity of your brain.
  • Picamilon – a nootropic able to relieve anxiety and calm the nervous system. Can also improve energy, attention and focus.



  • Vitamin B12 – known to enhance your mental clarity and overall memory retention.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – powerful agent which will improve brain function.

*Please see website for a full list of all the ingredient in Lumonol*



Benefits of Lumonol

  • Lumonol has no harmful side effects
  • This brain enhancer could enhance your overall memory retention and brain functions
  • It is Not Addictive
  • Company offers a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Website provide detail information on the ingredients
  • Consumer testimonials are very informative
  • We all need a little assistance
  • Produced in a GMP-certified lab in the USA (under strict supervision of the FDA)
  • FDA has classified all the ingredients of Lumonol as safe


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How to use Lumonol?

It is suggested to take 2 capsules daily. This supplemental should be taken with a meal, better in the morning. The label warns not to exceed 4 capsules with 24 hours. Note that is a veggie capsule. Not recommend for pregnant or lactating women.

Keep In Mind

  • Results may vary from individuals to individual.
  • Lumonol has different products for different ages (keep that in mind if you decided to make a purchase).
  • Lumonol is only available at the official website
  • It can help You with concentration and focus
  • Can be use by any person that wants to improve their brain function and mental abilities
  • Lumonol Focus

    Lumonol Focus

My Summary and Endorsement

I am a current user of Lumonol, for about a year maybe a little longer. It has help me in many ways. I have seen the improvements of my brain functions. I certainly do not feel anxiety, lack of focus and can learn and retain information more easily. I started to see results in about 2 to 3 days. I take it in the morning with breakfast and my mental capabilities have improved. I have no doubt that Lumonol helps me to move forward on my daily life (personal, career and in other aspects). I am happy to endorse Lumonol because it works for me and I have no side effect. My energy, focus, ability to learn and motivation have improved greatly.

There is no doubt that Lumonol (a brain supplemental) is a very good nootropic with good ingredients. The company has created a combination of ingredients that seem to be unique and that can help an individual improve their focus, motivation, reduce anxiety and improve the energy.

In today world its very difficult to remove ourselves from all the different pressures, responsibilities to perform (at work, at home or our personal relationships). Our brains continue to be overload with all types of information, issues, problems, pressure and trying to disconnect from work etc. Lumonol can be the product to help enhance your memory, focus and brain function. It works safe and promote cognitive function.

My final words are, try it and see for your self. The company has a 90-day money back guarantee offer. You can certainly return the product and a full refund will be issue.

Think of your mental health and how this can be of help to you. Please visit the website and read the detail information given.





Lumonol Click Here 1

Lumonol Click Here 1





As a consumer to this Brain boosting supplement LUMONOL YOU can also visit     


Please leave your thoughts, comments or questions. Thank you for sharing.



  1. Hi Lady Esther,

    Before reading your post I had not heard of Lumonol or new what a nootropic was.  Your description and promotion of this product is very informative.  I would also think this can be a very productive niche as all humans need help with energy and concentration.  The fact that Lumonol has no harmful side effects, is not addictive and is produced under the supervision of the FDA and has been classified as safe by the FDA should convince consumers that taking Lumonol can be taken without harmful affects.  

    • Hi Calvin,

      Thank you for the comment and feedback.  I personally use the product for sometime now and it has help me in many ways.  One of the reasons why I try it was because the product is under the supervision of the FDA and it has no side effects.

      I have a more clear mind, better concentration, less anxiety,  and my energy and for my 2 jobs are a testament that it works for me. 

       This brain boosting supplement can provide assistance specially in the demanding lfie we all have. I little help never hurts. 

      Thank you and the very best to you,

      Lady Esther

  2. This is a great post. I like that the information is straight forward. Talking about dietary supplements can be a little complicated. Many people are skeptical about these new products. Never heard of this before, but the ingredients are familiar. All the ingredients are natural so that’s a plus. In a world where people are always on the go, holding down more than one jobs and raising a family, this sounds like something that would be helpful. 

    It’s great that you mentioned  mental health, we have to preserve it because there’s a thinking between sanity and insanity.  

    Thanks for sharing 

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for your comment, I have use Lumonol for some time now and always with a positive outcome.  

      Yes, our lives are very busy and we live in a atmosphere of over loaded information, that without counting other responsibilities, to me Lumonol help and give me that optimize mental performance. 

      Try the product, it’s ingredients will help have you on point. 

      Thank you, very best and good mental focus,


  3. This is all i ever needed when i was at school , i used to forget a lot of useful information which led to a lot of mistakes to my answering on the end of year examinations. If only i knew that there was Luminol that could help me avoid this problem i would have long been using Luminol. The fact that it has no side effects makes it the best product.

    My question is that what is that , are the 2 capsules a recommended dosage for all ages or only for adults?

    • Hi Nkhosingiphile,

      Thank you for your comments. Yes, Lumonol will certainly help , it’s will provide overall positive result for mental focus, improve memory, energy and you will gain an edge. Try the product, it’s available at a reasonable price with a money back guarantee.

      I have use it for some time now and only have positive results.

      Thank you and stay focus,


      • Hi Hkhosingiphile,
        Sorry I did not answer your question on the dosage and if its for all ages?
        Answer is: This particular Lumonol is only for adults and the recommend dosage is 2 capsules. Lumonol has product for: Children and Elderly. Please visit the website to see the other product that are made with the same purpose. To provide mental health, enhance concentration, focus and energy. You and any family member can benefit from using Lumonol.
        Thank you and hope this help in making your decision to try Lumonol.

  4. Hi! Yeah, I agree with you! Nowadays when there is so much stress, it’s good to have handy a supplement like this!

    I have been checking the ingredients contained in Lumonol, and must say they have convinced me. I know the importance of Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B12. But the ingredient I value the most is L-Tyrosine. Thank you very much for this very interesting post!

    • Hi Henry,

      Thank you for the comment. Glad to know that you enjoy the article and that the ingredients are on your list of Good products.

      Lumonol, can certainly provide that upgrade to your memory, brain, focus and processing. If you decide to try it out Lumonol has a 10% discount and it’s 100% money back guarantee.

      I have included the link just in case:;=&afftrack;=

      Thank you and the very best always,


  5. Lumonol, the nootropic is new to me. I like it because the author of the blog carries her personal experience with the product and validate it.

    It is prepared in a GMP certified lab under strict FDA supervision in USA offers additional quality guarantee.

    The raws are approved by FDA. I am curious if the product is also approved by FDA!

    In a world of multi-tasking in your job, family, kids you feel like giving up because you are under so much stress. These products are life savers giving you mental clarity, focus etc. which can deplete easily in the current world of living.

    It is a good informative product review.

    • Good day Anusuya,

      Thank you for your comments, greatly appreciated.

      Yes, I am a current user of Lumonol and have been for some time now.

      It is my understanding that Lumonol is manufacturer in a FDA registered laboratory in the USA, the ingredients put in Lumonol have been strictly tested and quality checked by highly qualified laboratories and chemists – GMP. This mean that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards.

      I agree this Product provides an upgrade to brain function, memory, focus which help with the overall function of the brain.  With the different areas in our life a boost is always good, specially since no side effects.

      Here is the link Incase you want to try it:

      Thank you for your comments and the very best always,


  6. I love all the good information about Lumonol. I had stroke about 18 months ago, and now I notice losing my memory very fast. I am forgetting things that I did, people name, even faces as well. Do you think that Lumonol would be good for me? As far I know ginseng and guarana are a very good to the brain, they are natural ingredients.

    My husband have 75 year old and also been present a lost of memory that I think so is because of the age. Would you recommend him to take Lumonol or he is too old for?

    I notice that in my husband and myself, the bit part of memory loss is the short term one, we both are bright with the long-term memory. Oh before I forget, my fourteen year old has a very bad short memory as well; is she too young to try?Thank so much for so power information.


    •  Top Brain Boosting Supplements
      Enhance Focus,Memory &Mental; Drive.
      100% Money Back Guaranteed

      Hi Thelma,

      Hope you are moving forward on your health, please take care.  

      As for Lumonol, it’s a product that I have use for some time know. I see the result in me and I use it as a supplement which helps me with all my activity on a daily bases.  My memory, focus and calmness is there with the help of this noopept supplement. I can only speak from my experience and it does work for me. I am in my early 60’s.

      I will let you know that Lumonol does have products for the following individuals: senior, children and regular adults and also for energy, sleep.  Lumonol come in pills and power form with different purchase prices and it’s 100% money back guarantee. At this time Lumonol has a 10% discount with other available offers. I have included the link Incase you decide to try it.

      Here is the link:;=&afftrack;=

      Thank you again for the comment, hope this helps for you to make a decision and continue to move forward on your health!

      Very best,


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