3 Best iPhone Cases from Zizo: Which is Right For You?

Zizo Cases

Zizo Cases

As we all know a case protects your phone.  It does this on a daily bases. The main reason a lot of us use a case protector is to maximize your re-sale value, not have expenses for repairs due to falls or other accidents and lastly for aesthetics.  Today I am going to review 3 best iPhone cases from Zizo website.  Which is right for you?  Zizo can outfit your iPhone and can provide some excellent features.  Our list includes wallet cases, rugged cases and unique cases all to help you express your personality and taste. Read on to see our picks and case review.  The Zizo family website provides a excellent selection of smartphone cases at very reasonable prices; see my previous review of other cases.

Our 7 iPhone pick from Zizo are:

Heavy Duty Cases

  1. Zizo Bolt Case

    Zizo Bolt Case

    Zizo Bolt for iPhone Xs Max case – Military Grade Drop Tested with Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Holster and Kickstand.

    1. Pros
      • Comes with a tempered glass screen protector
      • Holster acts as kickstand
      • Comes in an array of colors
      • Spiral design on the rear of case give to a excellent grip of iPhone
      • Certified Military Grade 810-G drop Test (dropped from 4 feet)
      • Come of other smartphone brands
    2. Cons
      • Its not water proof
      • Kickstand may not appeal to all users
      • Its not totally indestructible

Thin Cases

Zizo Thin CasesZizo Thin Cases

2.  Click Elegant Series for iPhone XR case –  Slim Clear Flower Pattern Design with PC Metallic Bumper

  1. Pros
    • This case is compatible with iPhone X / XS.
    • Made with a slight upper lip, to account for accidental drops.
    • This case is a refined candy shell with shock resistant bumpers to absorb the momentum of a drop
    • 8 elegant designs to choose from
  2. Cons
    • Some users may not like the clear case with design
    • It’s not water proof
    • It’s not totally indestructible

 Wallet Cases

Zizo Wallet Cases

Zizo Wallet Cases

3.  Wallet Pouch for iPhone SE/5/5G/5S case – Slide out pocket wallet pouch case Id Holder

  1. Pros
    • Magnetic closing flap keeps your phone safely inside the case and your other belongings.
    • Interior details are great: Credit cards holder. ID window with a thumb slot for easy retrieval of card
    • Premium stitching all around to ensure durability of the wallet
    • Wallet case transforms into a kickstand for free hands-viewing
    • Wallet case is made of   PU Leather with Tetrapoly Urethane – giving a look of  suede
    • Available in 4 colors (black, blue, pink and purple
  2. Cons
    • It’s not water proof
    • It’s not totally indestructible
    •  This style of wallet is only available to the iPhone mention above


Smartphone cases from Zizo have great features in mind for the everyday users  These cases are cool, will get your iPhone notice, keep it protective, give you elegance, great design and reasonable prices.

These Zizo smartphone cases can be purchase at: Zizo home website

Zizo currently has the following Offer:   10% ZIZO CASES |


Find more Zizo iPhone Cases information and review here.

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  1. Nice list. Given how fragile modern phones are nowadays, especially glass ones like the iphone, I do think that a case is a necessity.

    It’s nice that there are different options for people to choose form, not everyone needs or wants a heavy-duty or rugged-design case for their phone. Some like it sleek and minimalist.

    • Hi Mike Viray,

      Thank you for visiting my website and providing a comment.  

      Yes, you are right, most individuals may not wants a rugged-design but the good thing about the Zizo website it offers many styles, design and options. Your name the smartphone and Zizo can offer a case that can be: military approved, slim, double case, elegant and affordable.  

      If you are in the market, visit the website for Zizo or Amazon and choose your phone case.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther

  2. Your article is very informative. The promo code looks very tempting and almost makes me want to switch to iPhone but i a a die hard android user. Lol ! Luckily my cousin has the max, so i’m going to get her a case Can you find any other wallet cases for the other iPhones? 

    Zizo cases really do accommodate for everyday use and clumsiness. I think they also cater for different people’s styles and interests. Makes it easier for me to pick for my cousin! I just wish the flip case was waterproof.

    • Hi Angella,

      I want to thank you for visiting my website and also for your comments.

      Just to let you know Zizo carries many different cases that also cover other type of smartphones. Here is the link to the website and you make find something for you… they currently have a great offer, see below.



      Oh, also forgot, if you click on “ACCESSORIES” you will be available to find Wallet styles for your choosing.

      I am a user of Zizo cases and have 3 in total because I like to change my case base on my activity. For work I have a rugged one called Nebula Wallet Series (love it because I can have my MTA pass, job ID and credit card in the holder, for dinner dates a elegant and slim and for family gathering I have one that has 2 covering (1 is rigid and the other soft and it protected from falls.

      Sure hope you decide on getting a great holiday gift for your and your cousin.  

      Very best and enjoy your Holiday,

      Lady Esther

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