Learning New Skills… Enhancing What you Have!

Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills

Ever wonder what you can do with new skills? … The possibilities of New Skills can LEAD TO SUCCESS!

Whenever you want to learn new skills, gain a new perspective in a subject or enhance the skills you have a learning curve to manage.   The skills of being an affiliate marketer online require a set of skills we will learn here at Wealthy Affiliate.  As an affiliate marketer newbie, we need to follow a process to master these new skills we are trying to gain here at Wealthy Affiliate.  By using the written training lessons, videos, classes, and exchange of comments and ideas we will gain the skills we need to be successful with our online business.

We often hear people say we all have “a learning style”.  But, in reality it depends on what subject or skills you are trying to learn about or enhance.  In today’s technology we have many ways to learn a skill; it’s just at a click way.

Before going into providing techniques or tips, I want to discuss a few of the learning style.


3 Types Of Learner

3 Types Of Learner

There is a theory called the VARK model which shows the following learning styles:  Visual, Auditory Kinesthetic and Reading/Writing. This method shows that each person will respond differently depending on the learning method used.

  • A Visual person will learn by seeing information and also visualizing the relationship between ideas (usually a PowerPoint Presentation or Charts).
  • An Auditory person will like to hear the information. These types of individuals will like to recite and repeat the information aloud.
  • A Reading/Writing person learns best by interacting with text.  These individuals like to write it down, get a test on the information and if you provide them with handouts of the lesson or presentation done.
  • Individuals that are Kinesthetic learned prefer to hand on; It the best way for them.

Please keep in mind that any learning style theory is no longer used because in today’s technology we use these methods and more to teach or learn a new set of skills.

But let’s discuss a few techniques or tips we can use to move forward in this learning process.

Tip #1

The most important thing here is to interact with the information.  Try to use many resources that can help with the subject or skill you are learning.  As a newbie, you will find many avenues to learn a subject or skill here in Wealthy Affiliate.  Gather the different resources, such as written lessons, videos, live classes, blogs and the asking and answering of questions and or sharing .

Tip #2 

Remember to make it more meaningful. Keep in mind the reason you are learning this new subject or skill.  In that way you will keep what applies to the subject or skill you are learning.

Tip #3

Always practice what you learn. It’s in the practice; it will keep the skill you learn just learn.  Apply the skill right away. As newbies practicing is a superb way to remember what we learn and also realize if you need to ask more questions.  Maybe you notice that Kyle also gives us “tasks” to perform during the lesson. What he is trying to do is reinforce the learning process of the new lesson.  I always go back to the lesson review and recheck my tasks and check to see that I did it. So remember to review the lesson and check off your task from the bottom of the list.

Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills

Tip #4

Try it out, write your first article, or first blog on an idea you may have that can help you and others in the Wealthy Affiliate community.  Try it and that means you are practicing what you have learned and without realizing it you are reinforcing a new habit and skill to continue on your success.

Tip #5

One tip I can give you is to compare your work with those you know are being successful in the same area you are in or want to be in.  Check out their written work, their blog. As a newbie you can learn by comparing their work with yours.  As a newbie you can learn what you lack and need improvement on.

Tip #6

Try to teach or explain what you have learned to others.  Make it simple, easy to understand. Look at the new material you learn and how it improve your skills and pass it on. Let others learn from your experience.  You will surprised by what you can teach other and enforce what you have learned.

Tip #7

I would suggest that as a newbie you practice what you find difficult. I practice what I find difficult, in that way I can refine my skills and get out of my comfort zone. It’s a challenge to improve your skills. For me going out of my comfort zone helps me to learn and practice what I am not good at and sooner than later I will be just as good or better at that skills or subject.  So concentrate on what is difficult and practice it.

Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills

Tip #8

Set a time and make sure you take a break while you are learning and practicing your new skills. By taking a break during your learning process you will keep your mind alert and you will not suffer any delays.  Sometimes you/we get frustrated and what we need is to take a break, walk around, maybe eat or drink something.  Remember frustration, and mental fatigue does not help the learning process.

Tip #9

Do a recall of what you have learned. Think of it as a test. It will provide a gauge of how much you have kept and how much you recall and how much you still may need to review.

Tip #10

Stay curious. Remember by making mistakes, asking questions and getting a little frustrated is not bad, as long as you realize that it a part of the learning process.

 Tip #11

As a newbie find other way of learning, tap into other forms besides using videos, books, blog, etc.  Share you information with other, become an active member in the Wealthy Affiliate community, find others with the same interest. Share and always ask for help.

Tip #12

As a newbie or a season affiliate marketer keep your equipment in good condition and well protected is highly important.  We depend on our devices to: login, to write our blog, to read, to get informed and to exchange ideas, and suggestions.  If we do not protect our equipment’s we can lose time, we can lose an opportunity, we can lose information.  I use a product called  ZIZO, it protects my iPhone from breaking and if it fall, it’s protected. ZIZO, has many cases to protect your smartphone and accessories no matter which smartphone you own.  See review of product on Product Reviews section. 

Tip #13

Keep your health in mind. It will help to keep you focus, have a clear mind and be alert for writing your articles, in your blog.  Personally, I use a product called Lumonol (which is noopept) to assist with memory, focus, processing speed and overall brain function along with plenty of rest and a good balance diet.  See review of product on  Product Reviews section.

Tip #14

If you are thinking of having an online business or are interest in becoming an affiliate marketer, and need training or update your skills, please visit the Wealthy Affiliate website and create a Free Starter Membership – Click HERE  




Please share your thoughts, feedback or comments below.

Thank you for sharing.



  1. Those are wonderful tips for anyone who is new to blogging and starting out in affiliate marketing.  One thing that I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that they use all of the types of learning methods to teach you how to build your business.  I’m a cross between a kinetic learner and writer/visual. I find that I remember the best when I dive in and do it myself – but sometimes I still need to write it down because I can forget multiple steps lol

    Your tip #5 is very important as well – to watch what others are doing who are successful.  It’s always important to have mentors no matter what line of work you are in.  And never be afraid to fail!  Great post all around!

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide a 2nd feedback on this article, greatly appreciated.

      I agree with you that the WA community and the learning platform for WA is multi facet. But we live in a world that technologies provide that opportunity. I have learned that here at WA. 

      My mind has obtained information that I would have never learned all because I want financial freedom. I sure hope I can continue to help other to see the opportunity they can create and have if they follow the training here at WA.

      Thank you,

      Lady Esther – Olga

  2. Thanks for this post, I found it most helpful.

    As a weather affiliate member I think the training here covers all the learning types of people on the VARK spectrum so anyone who is interested but may not feel they can learn, can. 

    I think you will certainly put people’s mind at rest when reading this and reassure them that help is out there.

    I appreciate you taking the time to list your 12 tips to enhance your skills and for me tip 6 stands out as if you are able to teach people what you have been taught then you can also benefit by getting the knowledge you acquired ingrained further into your memory.

    Great stuff here!



    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you for the feedback, taking the time to do a 2nd feedback and the kind words. 

      I will certainly continue to write article that can help other.  As I continue to learn and experience the world of affiliate marketing, I will write article to clarify, assist, give tips and share the acknowledge. 

      One thing I like about WA is the fact that sharing is part of this community.

      Thank you again and the very best,

      Lady Esther –Olga  

  3. Hey there! These are some awesome tips for affiliate marketing newbies. I agree that the best way to learn is to take the information and teach it to others in a simple way like tip #6 explains. I hope that this information helps lots of people get started and thrive in the world of affiliate marketing.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Marlinda,

      Thank you for the feedback.  Sure hope you get a chance to read my other articles. As a Newbie I am still learning and trying to pass the information forward to help those, in that way it can clarify. I wrote an article called “Hello Newbies and Beginners”.  This article gives the reason why I made this my niche and my passion. At the beginning I had no experience with online business in affiliate marketing area, I was very confuse and needed to clear the “waters”. I think my website will help other in the same situation.

      Thank you for your feedback and inspiring words.

      Best in your endeavors

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