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The Affiliate Marketing For Newbies

As I continue to move in the Wealthy Affiliate program; as an affiliated marketing newbie and continue to learn and gain concepts, ideas and training and the valuable comments and insights of my fellow members, I realize that I am learning a new business language or lingo/jargon.

Below you will find a list of affiliate marketing lingo for newbies. This listing will become part of your lingo or jargon when speaking or writing about affiliate marketing.  Understanding lingo terms is an important aspect of our learning curve as affiliate marketers.

Definition of: Lingo  and or Jargon?

It’s  used to define a word, phrase, situation or process. We use the lingo or jargon to express a meaning accepted or use in our profession (affiliated marketers).

Here are just a few and as we all continue to move forward in our training and experiences as a newbie or new entrepreneur in the affiliates marketing, our lingo will continue to expanded and we will learn more of them.


1. Affiliate – it can be almost anyone. This means You, Me, or someone you know. But keep in mind that to become an affiliate online you need to register or enroll in an “affiliate program”.

2. Training–has one particular purpose, to develop, to improve, to increase capacity of knowledge, to assist with performances, in relation to a specific topic.

3. Success–the accomplishment of a goal. The skills needed can be: focus, organizational skills, determination, discipline, patience and a wiliness to learn new subjects.

Lingo For Newbies

Lingo For Newbies

4. Building a website – the process of creating pages, that may include: an about page, private policy page, a layout, graphic design with a subject in mind, to target an audience on the internet.

5. Blog–it’s a website run by an individual (affiliate) that writes, personal reflections, comments and may also provide hyper-links, videos, and graphics to promote sales or discuss a topic or an item or a subject. It’s updated regularly, to keep internet user visit the blog/website.

6. Niche-something use it to refer to a target business on the internet with a specific topic of a website and or blog.

7. SEO -stands for “Search Engine Optimization” -= it’s a tool. Its skills develop by an online affiliate, entrepreneur or marketer. The purpose is to optimize the content on the web page using specific topics and keywords to get “traffic” which would give sales and ranking to the web page/ or website product.

A specific word a user can type on a search engine so as to find documents associated with that word. SEO experts usually peruse the most important keywords users choose in order to appeal to them, ultimately making them get to their website. The right “keyword” is the product of strategy and placement.

8. Keyword Research–a process used by affiliates, blogger called SEO (search engine optimization) to get alternative search terms that other people use on a search engine.

9. Keyword – it a word or a phrase use by affiliate marketers to find a target niche, brand or product into search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.). We will use your keywords in each of your articles in your blog.

Keyword Lingo For Newbies

Keyword Lingo For Newbies

10. Traffic–a visitor on a website is referred as website traffic. For a website “traffic” is a measure by the visit it receives.

11. Affiliate Link – it’s a unique linking code which enables the affiliate or the network to track any visitor to the website.

12. Hyperlink – a highlighted (usually in blue) word/s or picture in a web page in which you can click and go to another web page.

13. Domain name–the name of your website (it’s unique). It can be a combination of letter and numbers with various domain extensions such as com, net, org. They must register it before you can use it.

14. WordPress–a tool used to publish your website content information–it’s a free Web publishing application used by many.

15. Post–refer to the writing you do on your website; sometimes refer to as a “blog”. It is the writing portion of your website that brings visitors to your website that is developing to bring the “Money Process”.

16. PPC – Pay Per Click refers to an affiliate marketer that receives a commission whenever someone clicks on their affiliate link to the merchant; even if a sale is not made.


Keep In Mind

Keep in mind

            Tips to keep in mind when learning an affiliate marketing lingo for newbie:

   Association–use a batch of words that already have a common context.

Relate them to what you are learning and use it.

Review–go over the new lingo/jargon just like you do for learning or training in intervals

(it will stay in the long-term memory).

Storage–write it down, use it in a sentence or when speaking to others.

Use–use it while communicating, and writing in your blog, comments and articles.

They can easily become your keyword in your blogs, and or article for your website.


As  I continue to move forward in learning and doing the training,

I will add more lingo, jargon, phrases, and words;

to this Affiliate Marketing Lingo for Newbies “Glossary”.

Reminder…. Stay Focus and Stick to the Plan!!


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  1. Lady Esther,

    This makes sense for people who have no idea when talking to people knowing about Affiliate Marketing.  When I was looking for information about this people would use these terms and having no clue what they were talking about makes you as a person feel confused.  What are they talking about?

    Putting this out there for people to education themselves prior to doing research about Affiliate Marketing will make their research much easier.  This way they can also make a very informed decision on what program might be best for them.

    Thank you for teaching me some terms that I was not familiar with,


    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for the comment and feedback, greatly appreciate.  Yes you are right I am trying to assist those that are thinking of go into the online business, specially for affiliate marketing.  It can be confusing and sometimes all the information can really confuse you.  I want newbies to realize that what they feel is real and that its OK to ask questions, search for information and to feel comfortable finding the answer in my website.

      Thank you, so glad that my article gave you something to think about and to help in the learning process.

      Best always,

      Lady Esther

  2. I am so impressed with what you have done. This is really useful for a complete newbie who want to earn money online. When I first stated my online business, I find it so difficult to remember all the jargon that I’ve to create a spreadsheet as a “dictionary” for myself. Never thought of sharing this on my post. You have indeed gave me great idea for my next content. Thank you so much. 

    • Hi Florence Ki,

      Thank you for the comment and feedback, truly appreciate. I am so glad that you enjoy the article and that now you are thinking for sharing your information, I am sure other will benefit from it.

      If you get a chance please read my other article/blog on my website, maybe they can also inspire you to write other content and we will continue to share our knowledge with all there rest of the affiliate marketers. Yeah!

      Than you and the very best

      Lady Esther


  3. it is very clear and great explanations of the words! It is a great list for newbies like me. I was blurry and didn’t understand some of them when I was researching about online affiliate sites. After learning from your site, I have a much clearer picture now. You have great information here, I will keep browsing and I’m sure I have lots to learn from!

    • Good evening Emily Hii,

      Thank you for your feedback. I greatly appreciate your words and is always good to know that my article on this subject has help another newbie like me. 

      I hope you get a chance to read my other articles and that they can also provide some insight into the affiliate marketing for newbies. 

      I am trying to keep the information simple but at the same time informative so that we can all move forward in our financial goals.

      Again, thank you and hope to see another comments on my website for another article if you so feel inclined to read and enjoy.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther 

  4. Many thanks for this marketing lingo list for newbies. It can be quite daunting when you first get into internet marketing as you see these types of terms thrown around everywhere and are just supposed to know what they all mean. 

    For me SEO was the most difficult one to understand when I first started. I also like your list of words at the end of the post that help with what lingo to use in your marketing efforts. 

    • Hi Michel,

      Thank you for taking the time and providing feedback and a comment.  I totally understand what you are saying, I felt like that and sometimes I still do.  That is why my website is directed to Newbies because I also felt confuse and understand all these term gave me a huge headache…lol

      Yes SEO was the most difficult and I still go over my note to make sure that my website has the right keyword so it can bring the ranking and then the visitors. YEAH

      Thank you and much success in your online business,

  5. Thank you for sharing this as it’s very good information, especially to beginning affiliate marketers. You lay out the lingo terms in a very easy to understand definitions such as what a niche is, SEO, and keyword. New affiliate marketers will definitely be able to grasp this a lot easier as they go further into the affiliate marketing world. I look forward to more jargon and ling from you. Has it been surprising about some of the terms you’ve learned or read about in your journey into affiliate marketing?

    • Hi Brian,

      Than k you for the comments and feedback. Yes it has been surprising since I am a totally newbie to the online business affiliate marketing.  Sometimes I feel like a child taking her first steps… wobbly but not given up. I see other websites and realize how much I need to learn to be in the competition which is great for the ego…LOL

      I plan to continue adding more lingo. jargon to this list so that my visitors can get a easier understand to this new language.

      Thank you,

  6. It is very important for us to understand the lingo if we are interested in Affiliate Marketing.  It would be difficult to progress in learning and training, without knowing what the words meant.  Some of the most important words in Affiliate Marketing of course is Affiliate, niche and SEO.  You must understand what these words mean, if you want to go further into affiliate marketing.

    • Shy,

      Thank you for your comments. Yes one of the reasons why I started this listing 

      Is to help other like me Newbies on the affiliate Marketing online business.

      Hope I can continue adding to this listing and provide other articles that can

      also help newbies or beginners in this field of opportunities.

      Thank you, very best


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