How to Make a Website – Using WordPress Platform

WordPress Website

WordPress Website

OK, lets start.  One essential skill you need to master in the affiliate marketing business is knowing how to make a website.  In today online business is a must.

Reasons why:

  1. It can save you money because you will not need to hire web developers and web designers.
  2. You will be able to follow  “the market trends” and add new products or subjects to your website without using a programmer skills.
  3. Since you will not need a consultant developer for your website, this will enable you to build almost things yourself (of course within reason).

One item to keep in mind is that You  can learn how to make a website.  This in turn gives way to an awesome website for your online affiliate marketing business  –  all on your own. 


Of course having a great tool like WordPress gives you and your visitors an industry standard. You and your website will be taken seriously.

WordPress will provide the technical and support for your website/blog. You will be able to choose from the build-in “themes” templates and design.  Your website will look professional immediately.  Premium themes have support desk, update, setup, maintenance and upgrades regularly.   Free themes lack updates, support desk and can leave you vulnerable to hackers.


WordPress Website

Keep in mind that more is not always the best way to go.  Too many plugins can slow your website down and can cause code conflicts.  Visitors only give you a few minutes of their time. Keep it to the essentials: functionality, email capture, social media sharing, analytics and website performance.


So with images and photos for your website I recommend the following:  take your own photos.  Use your phone to take a photo of the image or create the photo from your surrounding.  As a newbie it  can be hard on the budget to pay for images. I set my search the following way: royalty free illustration of ________ ( the name of keyword or product or item).  I also take the illustrations image and bring them in to “Paint app” and re-color or add a little something to it (see top image).

SEO – Optimize your Blog

WordPress Website SEO

SEO – its to ensure that your website, its content, images are ready for search engine to find it.

Your website rely on good keywords research that is SEO friendly.  Your content needs to be engaging, useful to the visitor and reader, its the only way to rank by Google.

Use a good search tool, such as Jaaxy.  This keyword search tool, Jaaxy has a few features that will be a gold mine to use.

  • Alphabet Soup – type the  chosen keyword and it will generate the A-Z of what people have been searching for.
  • Search Analysis – you can check what other website are targeting, and if its the keyword you are thinking of using.
  • Affiliate Program – can find out what programs are out there in your niche.
  • Site Rank – know where your website rank for a given keyword

Keyword Reminder

  • Use keywords or keyword phrases that make sense.
  • Do not over stuff your keyword/s or keyword phrases. Include in your:
    • Title
    • 1st paragraph
    • Conclusion

Continue Training

Remember that Wealthy Affiliate offers more that just helping you create a website for your blog.  Wealthy Affiliate has specific training with subject such as:

  • WordPress for website building
  • Jaaxy for keyword search and other features
  • Content creation
  • Traffic for your website (tips, suggestion on getting visitors and readers to visit your site)
  • Social engagement – social media and how it plays a big part for your website blog
  • Videos, Live Events (on a weekly bases),  Questions & Answer  listing, discussion In-House Blog from members of the WA community.

Final Reminders

  • Do not over stuff with affiliate links in your post or pages.
  • Help your visitor and reader , do not sell to them.
  • Pick services and products that your visitors and readers will benefit from.
  • Keep your product or service review clear with cons and pros.

Continue the training and keep on learning because this career is always moving forward and we will continue to be the students.

Recommendation:  If at any time you want to become a Premium member, click belong and enjoy all the other benefits here at Wealthy Affiliate.  If you want to think about it; enjoy the free 10 lessons,  plus 2 website  – go ahead.  Wealthy Affiliate will still provide the 10 lessons for free.  Hope to hear from you and…

Good luck on your online business,

Wealthy Affiliate Going Up

Please leave your comments, questions or suggestion below and thank you for sharing and visiting my website.



  1. These are really good insights on how to build a proper website. I really like using Word Press as the tool to creating blog sites because of itsfunctionality. It’s very easy to use, user friendly and it is pretty intuitive.

    Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome community, especially the trainings provided. One can grow exponentially with the use of WA. Thanks for this.

    • Hi JD,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comment.

      I agree with you and i am glad that WordPress can have these features to make it easy for a newbie like me to create and work on my website.

      Very best on your online endeavors,

      Lady Esther

  2. Thank you for the enlightenment, I know of few folks that utilized word press for their website and it looks excellently professional and great,wordpress has a whole lot of amazing tools which can help in building a website fast, using the right SEO, how fast can a website rank well on google? 

    • Hi Clement,

      Thank you for visiting my website and provide your comments.

      I am glad that WordPress is a platform that is include in the tools and resources from WA. As I am a newbie and still learning much.  I agree WordPress does have good features and it does help to create a website to the likely of the blogger.  SEO Pack is include in WordPress, so I am glad that it help me with that search engine optimization. Since Google has several different facts for ranking it can take a while or happen fairly quit. 

      Very best on your online endeavors,

      Lady esther

  3. You have done a great job at simplifying a very complex task.

    WordPress is a really great tool and can be setup relatively quickly and there are loads of tutorials for beginners to follow so most people won’t get stuck.

    I like the idea you shared with finding graphics.

    Good idea. Most people think they can just use any graphics online, but that’s a big no!

    I have played a little bit with Jaaxy, but will look at it again as I have some good reports about it.

    Question, do you know where Jaaxy gets it’s data from?

    Is it Google data and if yes what makes Jaaxy different from using Google?

    Look forward to hearing back from you on this as Jaaxy has caught my interest.

    Great job


    • Hi Tim,

      Thank you so much for visiting my website and your comments.

      Glad to know that you enjoy my article. I did write an article on Jaaxy  entitled: A Gold Mine Tool to use! Jaaxy

      here is the link: https://theaffiliatemarketingf

      As for your questions – Where does Jaaxy get it’s data from? – it collects its data from the 3 major engines: Google,  Yahoo and Bing. And your other question – Jaaxy takes the gather data and presents it in a more suitable way for the individual that is searching for the niche, keyword or phrase keyword (us).

      Sure hope you get a change to visit my website again and maybe read the article on Jaaxy or any other article that you may find interesting.

      Again, thank you for your visit and for sharing your thoughts with me.

      Very best on your online endeavors,

      Lady Esther  

  4. I have been told over time that the WordPress platform is the best for building websites large companies also use it as simple as it might seem. I agree with you on the importance of building your website yourself; in the process new  skill for a successful online business is being learnt.

    wealthy affiliate is a great program with lots of teachers and resources for a beginer I just joined the program however I’m yet to fully understand most of the tools like jaaxy; I am optimistic that with time I will fully understand how this things work

    Thanks for the writeup.

    • Hi Zuchi,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comment.

      I agree with you WordPress does provide good features and the learning curve is good for newbies and experience affiliate marketers .  It is always a good thing to do and learn thing for your business that way you know what to expect if you decide to out source any item. . I am glad that WA can provide certain tools and resources with the membership.  I think it would be more costly.

      Very best on your online endeavors, 

      Lady Esther

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