Home Office Essentials For The Affiliate Marketer

Home Office Essentials

Home Office Essentials For The Affiliate Marketer1

Home Office Essentials For The Affiliate Marketer1

Being an affiliate marketer requires certain skills: we should be organized, have a mindset to get the work done, and help others to be inspired, enjoy our blogs and follow our suggestions.    To do this we need the home office essentials tools to make this work possible.  Getting these should be any affiliate marketer’s first priority.

The home office essentials for the affiliate marketer first thing should be a dedicated work space.   Now, not everyone will have a spare room or an empty garage or space in the attic. But if you are lacking home office space, you can turn a corner, a closet or a nook into your work-space.  Remember you don’t need to pay rent for an office space.

I live in an apartment, so I took a corner in my living room near to the terrace door and create my home office essential.  My area is bright, has a view to relax my eyes and is an area that gives me inspiration for my work as an affiliate marketer.

Here are some suggestions for the home office essentials for the affiliate marketer: 

Home Office Essentials For The Affiliate Marketer

Home Office Essentials For The Affiliate Marketer

A Great Chair

I strongly emphasise the importance of a great chair!  Remember that you will probably spend 25 to 30 hours a week in that chair.  That much time sitting down is not good – having an ergonomic and comfortable chair will improve the way you work, and how you feel when working.   The following features should be part of your chair: it should be comfortable; and adjusted to your height, with tilt adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, arm rest, a deep seat, and a proper wheel base for the type of floor surface you have.

Tip: If your floor surface is rug use hard wheels, for a hard surface use soft rubber wheels.

Home Office Essentials Chair

Home Office Essentials Chair

A Desk

Here you have a preference.  But keep this in mind, an ergonomically desk should be one that aligns your wrists to be lower than your elbows when your shoulders relaxed while using your keyboard and mouse.

I recently ordered an L-shape desk because it fits nicely into the living room corner, provides plenty of storage, an organization area and an extended amount of desktop that help with productivity.


A Laptop (or Desktop or iPad)

Most bloggers or affiliate marketers do their job on the go, so their preference is a laptop.  I use an iPad Pro or my iPhone because I travel daily and it’s lightweight and can do the work.  I use my laptop at my home office.  I would also suggest a second monitor.  It can help with other tasks and increase your overall efficiency.  Just plug it to your laptop and work on that screen.  If you need cases or accessories for your mobile devices visit the following link and get the best at very reasonable prices: Best Sellers on Cell Phones Accessories



A Mouse

I suggest using a gaming mouse built for ergonomics comfort.  Remember, you spend about 6 to 8 hours on a computer per day, a gaming mouse will safeguard your hands and you will not experience discomfort.


Internet Services

For your post and other research a reliable internet connection with speed and connectivity is your life line.  All home office essentials that are electronic require internet connection and should have internet connection.


Camera Equipment

Your post will need beautiful photos that can attract the attention of your visitors and readers.  You can use your mobile phone, may need a tripod (if you are doing videos).  I use my iPhone for all my pictures and take and edit my pictures right on the iPhone (have an iPhone Xs Max ).


A Printer/Scanner

This is necessary, because you will need to print, and scan contracts.  My multi-function printer makes it much easier to print or scan a document/s.


Office Supplies

Items such as: extra ink for the printer, paper for that printer, pens, clips, folders, binders etc.  You don’t need to have a large amount but keep in mind that these can run out at the worst times. I usually go to the Dollar Store for the small items and for the ink I look out for special offers.



Most of us don’t think about color but this factor alone can help to increase our productivity, stimulate our focus and help use to feel more positive in the environment of our home office.


Decorative items

Home Office Essentials Deco

Home Office Essentials Deco

As we all know decoration plays a great role in our environment especially if it’s our home office.  We want items that can hel make us: comfortable, productive, and creative.  These items do not need to be expensive but provide a positive effect to our nature.

Consider the following items: a poster with an inspiring quote, family pictures or a set of collectibles that you may enjoy.  Don’t forget to add some green in the form of a plant (for oxygen circulation).  If you personalize the area it will bring positive effects which in turn will give rise to a productive environment for your posts.


So Enjoy the Freedom

“Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.” –Uncle Ben, said to Peter Parker (Spider Man)

The good thing about working from a home office is that you are in charge of your career, in more ways than one.   These suggestions are to assist you in personalizing your home office essentials.  It should increase your productivity, creativity and online business success. Only you know what works best for you, so by all mean decorate, customize, and personalize your home office essentials.  Keep in mind that your home office essentials should complement the way you work, not control it.


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Thank you for reading my post and if you have any questions or suggestions, Please feel free to leave a comment and share.



  1. That is certainly a very nice home office concept. Being able to work from home means that we have more freedom, but it could also means that we can be easily distracted. Having a designated work area will surely help us to focus better on our work. 

    Personally I often work on my dining table, i guess it is time for me to set up mine soon. 

    • Hi Grace,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comments.  Yes,  it may be true that we can get distracted but by having an area designated for your work it indicates to us internally that we can concentration and dedicate a certain amount of time to that work that is going to be done there.  

      Maybe you have a closet, or a nook or a corner in your living space that can be use for your online business success.  It can provide inspiration, productivity, creativity and you don’t real need to spend to much.  I always start small and as progress I add on.  Currently my home office essential comprise of a L shape desk, a great chair that provide excellent support for my back, a very good gaming mouse and items from the dollar store.  

      You can set a budget and begin from there. I am sure you will soon realize that having a designated area for your online business success is essential.

      Hope you soon have the opportunity to set up your home office essentials and very best,

      Lady Esther

  2. I’m not very skilled at taking pictures and I often don’t have the things around that I might want to take pictures of. Are there any other ways to get ahold of good pictures for free?

    I used to just google the images I wanted and download them, but I’ve recently been reading that this is actually pretty dangerous and I could potentially get sued for it. What do you recommend?

    • Hi Craig,

      Thank you for visiting my website and for your comment.  I have to tell that like you I am not the best picture taker in the world.  But i have learn a few thing and I am going to give you a few tips. First you can create the pic you want to take by: 1. taking picture of the picture  (do not use the flash of your smart phone), 2. use regular natural light, 3. if you need to use light use white light and 4. keep practicing, the more you practice the better you will get at it.

      I sure hope this helps and remember one step at a time. Affiliate marketing has a lot of details, so just keep using what you have and use your creativity.  Your smartphone can be your best equipment.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther

  3. hi hear I read your blog and its very interesting that you targeted affiliate marketer and letting them know what items you required and from where you can buy same time, its good even I missed some item and after reading your article I remind myself to buy those 🙂 thanks and nice article … have a good day 

    • Hi Shahzad,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comment.  I am glad that my article was able to remind you of some of the home office essential items.  Yes, its true I wrote the article with affiliate marketer in mind but the list that I provide for home office essential can be use by any individual that is doing business from their home and want to designate a space for their online business.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther

  4. Since doing many side jobs, I am planning to become a full-time freelancer. Planning to fill some home office essentials in my room sounds interesting. I think I will start from the chair and then decoration.

    Do you think action figures and movie or anime posters can work as decoration to boost working mood? Also, any recommendation for what type of plant that generally suitable to be bought as home decoration? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Albue,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comments.  Great that you are planning to set up your home office essentials.  The idea for the posters and action figures will certainly work since it something you like and can probably bring you inspiration.  The action figures can be like a collection.  As for a plant,  I would suggest the following items to take into consideration:  space, lighting and maintenance.  I suggest an “snake plant” it  can survive in almost any environment and if you forget to water it, it would be OK for a few days.  Keep it simple but its your health that important. 

      None of the item for decoration need to be expensive. My home office essential supplies are from the Dollar Store and my own creation.  I am a little crafty,  lol.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther

  5. Great article , what sort of products would you recommend? having a nice comfortable environment is really important for affiliate marketers especially when they a lot of lonely hours in the room. A comfy chair and mouse helps ease things together and improve productivity. Although I couldn’t imagine working on an iPad. That would be uncomfortable.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Thank you for visiting my website and for your comment. I have both an iPad Pro and a laptop.  Usually when I travel which is almost everyday (have a regular day job for the moment).  I use my iPad Pro, its light weight and easy to carry but when I am home I use my laptop (its a little more robust and sometimes, what I can’t do on my iPad Pro I finish with my laptop.  I do have a designated home office space. It not fancy but I have an L shape desk, my iPad Pro and laptop, along with a printer/scanner, mouse and my great home office chair.  Sometimes I spend 7 to 8 hours working on my post, and social media posting.  It important to be comfortable and have the back support and my mouse being a gaming mouse give me better ergonomic hand support.  

      Hoping that your designated home office essential space gives you the productivity and creativity that bring online success.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther

  6. Hi Ladyesther – thank you for the great ideas on creating a work environment and filling it with some very important home office essentials.  The two things I really appreciate because they wouldn’t have been things on my list of priorities were color and decorative items.  These are two things that I will definitely look into adding.

    Thank you for all these great ideas.


    • Hi Michele,

      Thank you for your comment.  It’s always good to know that my article has provide some insight.  Items that you can have for color and decorative items can be: collectibles, posters, family pictures or an item that has be personalize or customize for you.  With color remember that it sets the mood.  So use color that you like and feel comfortable with.  Color  can come from different items not only painting the walls. A curtain, a pillow or rug. The walls can be neutral but maybe the item around can have a splash of your favorite color.

      Hope these ideas can help make your home office essential a designated work space that bring productivity and enjoyment.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther  

  7. Hi and thanks for reminding me of the essential needs an affiliate marketer should have on his journey to success.

    I too don’t have a separate room to work in but luckily when I built my house set up an office corner in our main room.

    Infront of me, I see some inspiring pictures in different colors and on the left, I have a window looking in the garden and letting the sun in.

    In my two years, I haven’t had the need of a scanner or printer, all I do is online and electronic but sometimes I would like to print out some posts or images, that would be an increase of quality too.

    What I need the most is that I can concentrate, that I have enough hours a day no one is disturbing me working. Luckily I don’t have a cellphone 🙂

    • Hi Stefan,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comment. Great to know that my article provided some reminders. Great that you have a bright room to work from and that this garden can provide a relax moment or two. 

      Sometimes we don’t always need everything,  but once in a while is good to have. Yes, printing out a new inspiring quote is a very good thing!  It can provide a new inspiration and a new venture to begin.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther


  8. Very interesting. Some of the items I have and some would be good to implement. Though some items have become obsolete like scanners as most phones and apple products can do this without the need for a separate device. Though interesting either way.

    • Hi Jasmine,
      Thank you for visiting my website and your comment. Yes, I agree with you that some items may be obsolete but I personally still have a printer/scanner that can scan because I do other items beside my blog (craft person) and sometimes I need to scan and scale a pattern. As we move forward into ergonomic to improve our health, home office essentials play an important part for our health and productivity.
      Hope you can visit again and read other articles in my website, enjoy.
      Very best on your endeavors,
      Lady Esther

  9. Thank you for sharing this information on the office equipment we should consider for our home office. Easy to read and understand. Thank you

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you for visiting my website and your comment. Glad that you enjoy the article and found it informative. Hope you can visit my website again and take the time to read another article.
      Very best on your endeavors,

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