Hello Newbies and Beginners!

Hello and Welcome Newbies

Hello and Welcome Newbies

Welcome… to

The Affiliate Marketing for Newbies – A Guide for Beginners

I dedicated this website to helping newbies or new entrepreneurs, like me, who feel overwhelm with the overload of information on the internet and not enough answers to clarify many questions.  The more information I read or got answers to questions, the more I got petrified of asking the simplest questions… for fear of sounding dumb.

Online affiliate marketing is great and provides an opportunity for financial freedom, but it’s very complicated and you may not find guides or steps or training on the weird, confusing process, details that come with doing affiliate marketing.

My purpose is to provide substantial information for newbies or beginners for the know-how.  It will include a FREE Starter Membership, training, discussion, tips, ideas, tools, resources, support and a clear understanding of affiliate marketing program through my endorsement via Wealthy Affiliate program.


So here it is…My story

After going thru several searches, email exchange, reading blogs, articles and looking at several websites.  I found an affiliate marketing program that is giving me the opportunity to find support, knowledge and resources that are helping me navigate through becoming a successful online affiliate marketer by taking part in a great affiliate marketing program through Wealthy Affiliate.



The reason I want to help other newbies and or beginners like me is to provide them with the right path to success. It’s difficult to find a program or an affiliate program that takes into account “You” the person. You may not have the experience to go through the process and necessary steps. It can be very frustrating and challenging when you are not sure what steps, tools or resources needed to move you forward on the goals you want to accomplish.

Wealthy Affiliate takes that into account and provides a FREE starter Membership, it allows for a newbie to try it for free before spending any funds (try before you buy).  Wealthy Affiliate guides you through the wealth of information and gives you the training, tools, videos, resources, support and a network of talented individuals that are doing and have been doing this online affiliate marketing for quite many years!


Finding the right support and showing others they can do it; this is what Wealthy Affiliate does and what it’s about.  It makes goals come true via the free starter Membership.   Its training, support, resources, network building and mentoring…it is a sign of sharing with others; their talent, their skills, their training, and the network of dialogue between other members of the Wealthy Affiliate community. You will find this to be most valuable!


Wealthy Affiliate understands that we can all have success by helping each other and sharing in our experiences. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of online affiliate marketing entrepreneurs committed to helping each other.

Wealthy Affiliate has shown me so far that they are a community with a commitment that can support newbies and experience affiliate marketers on the online business for success.



The purpose of The Affiliate Marketing For Newbies is to help newbies and or beginners or others get a strategic mindset up on the affiliate marketing training, learning, support network and resources available to them through Wealthy Affiliate program.

This community has your best interest at heart, because your success is also Wealthy Affiliate success, along with being

The Affiliate Marketing For Newbies! success…   It’s a winning situation for Each of Us!


Please visit the website and sign up for the FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP (try before you buy)

If you ever need a hand or have questions, leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Winner Hello Newbie

Winner Hello Newbie

Together We Can Do It,

Lady Esther & The Affiliate Marketing for Newbies




  1. This was a nice little intro into a little bit about you and some about Wealthy agfikiate and what your site stands for. Also you mentioned training can be hard to find especially if you only look it up on the internet. This is so true because the internet has a wealth of knowledge the only thing is with working online, it can be overwhelming for some, training is outdated, training you have to search for because it will be scattered.

    We all have to start somewhere we learn as we go that is a good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact everything is in one spot. So if you want training you won’t have to get frustrated trying to find a certain training since it is all in order step by step.

    Thank you for this share I know a lot of the newbies or beginners will learn from this post


    • Hi Matt,

      Thank you for your comments, yes I totally agree. I personally am a newbie to all this, so for me it’s has been slow but steady.

      Thank you,


  2. Wealthy Affiliate is really the best place where to learn about affiliate marketing. I have learned a lot from their training and especially from Live Webinars. You have to be a Premium member in order to watch for free Live Webinars, but the monthly membership is so worthy. Anyway, even if you stick with the free membership, you can learn a lot. For what is more, you can build and host two websites for free within WA platform.

  3. The website is well laid out and the chosen theme for the website is quite appropriate and nice for the product being promoted.

    However I think the following should be checked:

    The subheadings of the article on the homepage should be a lot more elegant e.g “The Affiliate Marketing for Newbies- A Guide for Beginners” This has to be a lot more elegant and all the subheading too like to a font of “14′

    I think some images should be added to the articles to excite readers and tell a story also

    Under the affiliate disclosure,The various disclosure headings should be numbered appropriately to improve readability .

    I think the earning disclaimer has to be improved. I think you should state that, people can make money and improve their fortunes when they apply the principles of affiliate marketing but there is no guarantee of how much one can  specifically make.

    I hope my comments are helpful. Thanks. 

    • Good day  Amos,

      Thank you for such a detail feedback and comments. I will certainly take them in account and do a review of you suggestions.  I was thinking the same about the images but it’s difficult to find royalty free images and at the moment Funds are a little short but I will continue to research for better images that can be more appealing.

      Also thank you for the info on the disclaimer., I will certainly do a revision there.

      Best always,


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