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Good Reason for an Online Business Affiliate Marketing For Newbies

Good Reason for an Online Business Affiliate Marketing For Newbies

I have always wanted to have my own online business. The internet is popular for many reasons: shopping, research, education, traveling, medical, services, employment opportunities and most of all for an online business that provide services of all kinds.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate you can be a successful affiliate marketer with their program and training.   Many individuals have found a passive income so they can leave their 9 to 5 jobs. Others have taken the plunge and are doing full-time work online instead of working for a company. They have become their own Boss.

I see many good reasons having your own online business is a positive venture.  I would say I can consider the following good positive outcome to having an online business:

  1. You can be Your Own Boss
  2. Not being supervise all the time
  3. Office calling you on your “Day Off” or Holiday
  4. The investment portion can be minimal
  5. Cost for online business can be around $100–especially if you find platform like Wealthy Affiliate that can start you with a FREE starter membership
  6. You can use your interest (something you love to do)
    1. You name your passion or interest you can set up a website, blog and monetize it
  7. Your work location can be anywhere
    1. Home
    2. Beach
    3. Traveling
    4. Visiting relatives
  8. Good reason for on Line Business

    Good reason for on-line business

    You will probably have less operating cost

    1. A brick and mortar business initial investment can be over thousand dollars of investment
    2. Brick & mortar business usually has to pay rent, salaries, and other expenses, etc.
    3. Online business can keep your operating cost down because you need less of everything (employees, merchandise, location/rent, benefits, etc).
  9. It the best time to set up an online business
    1. People are on the internet more than ever. People are doing more things online.
    2. People are using their computers, smart phone, iPad and any mobile device to find, buy, shop or look thing up online. With just a few clicks they can make a call, see video, buy online, make an appointment for anything, socialize, compare and get information.
  1. The Online options are many
    1. You can have many kinds of business online. You can create an online store; you can have a blog (that offers coaching, advice etc.).
    2. You can create a website/blog that offers passive income through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is big now and some internet marketers are earning thousands of dollars.
      1. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, one of the best online platform for learning, improving and polish your skills. Be it you are a newbie, beginner, or an experience affiliate marketer (that wants to learn new skills or polish your present skills).
    3. Anyone can do online business
      1. You need not have a degree or a large capital.
      2. Nowadays anyone can start an online business. All you need is an effort, determination, dedication and the drive to want to learn and follow the step-by-step training offer here at Wealthy Affiliate.
      3. Wealthy Affiliate offers a FREE starter Membership. See the website, create your account and try it!
    4. You will work for yourself
      1. Remembering that whatever amount of time and dedication you put into your online business, it will pay off to YOU… not into someone else’s benefit (company, boss, etc).

Keep In Mind

Please Keep In Mind these Final Thoughts

So you probably hear or have experience that online business can be a scam. I agree with you I have my share of experiences.

But this platform I mention here, Wealthy Affiliate, is the real thingNot only does the training program from Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate but also provided powerful training that will bring you value to your online business and experience you will share with others.

Remember, about half of the online business fail during the first year. But what we need to do as newbies and online marketers is try to make smart choices, work hard to achieve our objectives. Be diligent and follow the training and advice of others in this community. You can figure out what kind of business you want!

What I like about this is that I am helping others while building my online business. I created this blog to help newbies and other affiliate marketers to find a way into a real program we can all use. At the same time it’s saving your/our hard-earned money from online scams.  It creates a win-win situation for all of US!

Reminder…. Stay Focus and Stick to the Plan!!

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  1. what is affiliate marketing?

    i was searching for ways to start a business online about a year ago and I kept coming across videos of people talking about affiliate marketing but also multi level marketing and they seems to be interchangeable but that doesn’t make sense to me.  If there is any sniff of a pyramid scheme I normally run a mile, fast.

    Can you shed any light on the two, and differences?

    • Hi Remy,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      If possible please read my article on “Tools and Resources Needed – Affiliate Marketing for Newbies”, this article will provide some information on the platform for Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s a free membership that provide training on how to become an “affiliate marketer”, it provide the videos, tools and resources necessary to be successful in the online business. If that is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

      I think people get them confuse but what you need to remember is that here at Wealthy Affiliate, there is no pyramid scheme. You can try it for free and only after you have taken Phase 1 training (which is about 10 lessons) can you decide if you want to become a “Premium member”. You will find that WA is very reasonable in price, compare to other platforms or so called “affiliate programs”.

      As for your question – Affiliate Marketing mean that we redirect an ad where a visitor buys a wanted product or item. As for MLM is this base on direct sales of a product.

      Sure hope you give it a try and see for yourself.

      Very best on your endeavors, 

      Lady Esther – Olga

  2. I left a comment on your enhancing your skills post as and I’m just going to reinforce my view that a wealthy affiliate is going to give you the chance to change your life and teach you to create and operate a sustainable business.

    What I like about this educational platform is there are no upsells once you joined. They generally want to push you to succeed and to grow. 

    How do you find the owners? Do you think they are ha as in and approachable?

    • Hi Darren,

      I agree with you the WA platform is an excellent place to learn. For me like I like to say” Stay focus and Stick to The Plan”.

      As for the owner, I have been able to send private message to Kyle and he happily answer all my question and provide information to help me. I think that so far Kyle seem approachable and willing to help.

      I did not find the comment on my article: “Enhancing Your Skills…” but I do thank you and very best,

      Lady Esther – Olga

  3. Were you brand new to affiliate marketing prior to starting with Wealthy Affiliate?  What have been some of your struggles with getting into this business?  I know mine was focus and narrowing down a niche.  I also had a hard time with information overload lol Do you have any tips on overcoming any of those obstacles? 

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for the feedback. Yes, a total Newbie. Only use the internet to answer the email and for shopping. Or at my full time job (have 2 jobs) and only for work related.

      I did write an article called: Learning New Skills…Enhancing What You Have!…maybe this article can provide some tips. I am working on a new article to provide more direct tips base on the WA training, which should be ready by the end of the week, you can certainly check it out.

      Thank you for the feedback and suggestion.

      Very best

      Lady Esther -Olga

  4. Hi this is a great and informative blog post for anyone who is new and considering affiliate marketing for an online business. I like how the post really spoke to somebody new. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I didn’t have half the information going in so it was a bit of a confusing time for me, I think this post will alleviate that for a new person. Are you fairly new to affiliate marketing yourself? That might be a good thing if you are because you will know a little more of the ropes but new enough your remember all your firsts.


    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you for the feedback. Yes, you are right I am a “Newbie”.  I am hoping that the rest of my articles and the ones that I am planning to write will help others like me. I want to achieve my financial goals, but I want to be able to understand and pass on the knowledge.  One reason why I chose WA, was that I notice how helpful other members are and how willing they are to share information and clarify that information.

      Again, thank you for the feedback, if you get a change, please read my other articles and if possible give me feedback. I know I still have lots to learn but I am practicing and putting the information out there to help others.

      Regard and very best in your endeavors,

      Lady Esther – Olga  

  5. This is a good article for anyone looking into Affiliate marketing and starting an online business. A couple of things to consider. I would list some of the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate, online support, detailed training through the step by step video’s, hosting, etc. Also, mention how helpful the community is at Wealthy Affiliate, how we work with one another to build each other up. In describing brick and mortar business, speak of inventory, employee’s, insurance, rent and overhead that comes with a traditional business which can cost thousands of dollars per month. Add a little more detail and I am sure you will see more success in your marking. Great job!

    • Hi Chris, 

      Thank you so very much for your great feedback. I totally appreciate that we gave me such detail information that will be taken into consideration and will probably improve my website and bring more visitors.

      To tell the truth I was afraid that the article was a little to long and that why I kept some information out, but it’s always good to have a different pair of eye see your work and realize that some times more is better.

      Again, thank you. Much appreciated and may you continue to show your support in such a positive way.

      Best regards,

      Lady Esther – Olga

  6. Hey there! You make some amazing points! It is awesome to have your own online business, freedom and be in total control of your life! You don’t have to answer to no one and you can work from anywhere. I agree with all of your points and hope that others can enjoy these benefits too.

    Take care,


    • Hi Marlinda,

      Thank you for the kind words. Good to know you enjoy the article and found my ideas, and points of good value.

      I too hope other will visit my website and that my articles can help to bring other to financial freedom and success on their online marketing business.

      Thank you, hope you can visit again and continue to share your thoughts here.

      Best always,


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