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Jaaxy – A Gold Mine tool to use!


As, a Newbie in the affiliate marketing business we want to be successful!  For that to happen, we can find the right tool in Jaaxy, it’s a gold mine tool to use, that can provide you with supreme keywords search in a matter of seconds.

 Jaaxy offer you the following advantages:

1. Free Keyword Search in Wealthy Affiliate training

As a free Starter member you get 30 free keyword searches. This opportunity will show you how powerful Jaaxy can be for producing the keyword data you will need for your Niche.  It will put billions of keywords a click away. Giving you access to staying in the competition which is so high for traffic and low competition keywords.

As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate (its included) you have unlimited access to billions of keywords for your online business or possible new niches/websites.


Jaaxy Looking Glass

2. Site Ranking -premium feature

As a free Starter member you have 30 scans that instantly will give your website ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo with Jaaxy Site Rank. This information will assist you in quickly determining what areas of your website are leading to ranking in search and are not doing the ranking. Giving you the competitive edge in “keyword insight” that your competition will not have or may not be aware off.

As a Premium member you have 100 scans to check your website ranking with Google, Bing and Yahoo using Jaaxy Site Rank feature.

JAAXY Premium Features:

3. Discovering New Niches 

Since Jaaxy can provide the “trends” or relevant topics of the time.  As a newbie You will create and develop new niches ideas by using Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Tren Graphic
4. Analyze top ranking websites.  The “Website Analysis” in Jaaxy you will find out:
  • What these websites are doing
  • Use it to become a rank website
  • Brings  traffic
  • Brings the financial freedom
  • Generating brand new niche ideas will assist to monetize you website

5.  Brainstorming Ideas 

Jaaxy has a feature called “Brainstorm” in which you will explore  the hottest trends. This opportunity gives you the ability to stay in tune across many niches!

6.  Valuable domains uncover 

Using Jaaxy will allow for you to see which domains are available for buying, sell or flipping.  This feature is great because it provide valuable domain assets that can be used in your online business or for re-sale. Remember your domain is your real estate property.

Jaaxy domain pic



Conclusion and My Recommendation

Jaaxy was to develop and create by affiliated marketers for affiliated marketers.  You are getting a gold mine of a tool with Jaaxy. The very best advanced platform. It will assist you in managing all aspect of keyword search, website competition and online market research, it will help you to be a success.  Remember keywords give ranking and ranking bring visitors and visitors make purchases and purchase are potential sales which bring income.

Do yourself a great service invest on your online affiliate marketing business, get Jaaxy  (a gold mine tool to use) and have the very best platform that will bring you:

  1.  A competitive edge to stay ahead of the competition
  2.  Great keyword research on a daily basis
  3.  Essential for your niche, website or blog
  4.  Essential for the articles your will write on your niche, website or blog
  5. Easy to use (please watch a video for an overview)
  6. Reliable, informative and easy to understand

I recommend Jaaxy, is a great platform for your keyword search. It will not let you down and its easy to learn and use.

KNOW that:  Jaaxy has Price Plans:

  • Free Plan – No Cost – 30 free searches
  • Pro Plan – $49 per month
  • Enterprise – $99 per month

Please visit  Jaaxy – Try it for FREE – click here 




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  1. While I have never used Jaaxy to come up with a domain name, I love using the keyword research tool to plan my next post. I have been able to see how often keywords are searched as well as see how many other blogs are using the exact same keywords. 

    I’ve also used the keyword research tool to discover other blogs and to connect with more readers and bloggers who share interests related to my niche. This is a useful tool that many overlook, but if they took the time to understand the power of Jaaxy, more people would see how awesome it is!

    • Hi Beauty in Maze,

      Thank you for your comment. I totally agree. I have also had those opportunities to search keywords for my articles and also to see what other bloggers are also interest base on my niche. 

      Yes that why i wrote this short  review to remind my visitors, readers and online searchers that Jaaxy can be a “gold mine” of a tool to use for your niche.

      Very best ,

      Lady Esther

  2. What a wonderful article.  With working online it is a competitive space and anything we can use to gain a bit of an edge could be the difference between tens and hundreds and thousands of dollars.

    Jaaxy is about the best keyword tool online.  Once you learn to use all its features it simply is one stop shopping for all your keyword needs.  

    Anyone looking for a good keyword tool need go no further.

    • Dale,

      Thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you. I just wanted to remind those visitors, readers and other on the online that Jaaxy can provide the necessary items to help make your niche a success and give an competitive edge.

      Very best,

      Lady Esther

  3. Hi Esther,

    First of all, the topic or niche that you chose for your article is very relevant to newbies and it will be more benefit to the readers. As a beginner or newbie at WA, I would suggest that if you write it as a review, I would be more interested to read and wanting to try it out. But overall its a great article on Jaaxy. Do you know of any other tool similar to Jaaxy? I would be interested to know as well. Great job!


    • Hi Mondos,

      Thank you for the comment.  I will certainly keep it in mind for a possible next article. Comparing other keyword tools with Jaaxy. Thank you that is a good suggestion.

      Yes, I am trying to make all my article to help other “Newbies”.  It took awhile before I found WA and to terll you the true before i only used the internet for email and work purpose.  Now is a whole new world with endless possibilities and I am glad that I am doing this.

      Very best and much online success,

      Lady Esther 

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