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Lady Esther (Founder of The Affiliate Marketing For Newbies)

Hi, my name is Olga, but everyone call me Lady Esther, because I love fashion from the Victorian Era and most of the time if invited to a celebration, I will wear a gown made from that era or a piece of clothing on a daily bases. I am currently living in New York, but have briefly lived in Japan, and Australia. Originally from a beautiful island in the Caribbean named: Puerto Rico.

Did have a small business for 5 plus year but it was a mortar & brick, it fails due to lack of funds. It was a party, favors and event planner business. For a while as a creative person, I organize parties, events and social gatherings. I enjoy crafting, and making unique Kumihimo bracelets, a skill I pick up while learning about the Japanese culture.

I want to be able to achieve my goals in this new venture. As a newbie, I know I have a lot to learn but I am putting my trust in the Wealthy Affiliate training program. So, I can build a successful present online, share my success and create a passive income.


I want to help other newbies and beginners like me;  start in the right path to success in the affiliate marketing program. It’s difficult to find an affiliate program that takes into account “You” the person.   It can be very frustrating and challenging when you are not sure what tools, resources are needed to move you forward on the goals you want to accomplish.

I found an affiliate marketing program that is giving me the opportunity to find support, get knowledge and use the right resources to navigate through becoming a successful online affiliate marketer by participating in a great affiliate marketing program through Wealthy Affiliate. As a newbie I want to endorse this program, it would give newbies and beginners a solid, proven foundation for success.

Our Goal

Our goal (Lady Esther and The Affiliate Marketing for Newbies) is to help newbies and beginners or others get a strategic mindset up on the affiliate marketing training. It begins with a FREE starter Membership (try before you buy) from Wealthy Affiliate program. Finding the right support and showing others that they can do it; this is what it’s about. Sharing with others the talent, the skills, the training available, and the network of dialogue between other members of the Wealthy Affiliate community is going to be most valuable resource!

Wealthy Affiliate has shown me so far that they are a community with commitment that can support newbies and experience affiliate marketers on the online business success. If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Lady Esther,



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