12 Plus Important Tasks to Check Before You Publish Your Blog Post


12 Plus Important Tasks to Check Before You Publish Your Blog Post

12 Plus Important Tasks to Check Before You Publish Your Blog Post

So you created content and now your publishing your post.  Wait a few minutes!   As a beginner or experience blogger you need to make sure that the content  you are about to publish meets the 12 plus important tasks to check before you publish your blog post.  Keep in mind that the list of tasks for a blogger can seem endless.

Use theses 12 plus important tasks to check before you publish your blog post.   I always worry about my post, so I have a checklist that helps me go over my post and check that my content is ready to be published.

So, before you hit that publish button, let go over 12 important tasks you should check on your content. You may ask, why I should have a 12 task list to check, well there several reasons:

  • Maybe you accidentally missed an important point
  • You may need to add additional information or delete redundant information
  • Good for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Is it good for the reader/visitor (subject discuss)?
  • Correction on spelling and grammatical errors

As we all know, (beginners and experience bloggers) writing content is an essential part of blogging for our website.  This checklist will go over the tasks you should always review before you hit that “Publishing Button”.

Here is the checklist of 12 plus tasks, I go over before I publish my post:

1. Must do a Keyword research – By now you certainly have heard of the term SEO (search engine optimization). This means making sure that your website and its contents (post and pages) are likely to rank in search results as Google.  SEO real means a series of small task use to create a clear and engaging content.

First know which keywords you want to use to optimize your article.  This search will help you find phrases that are relevant to your article.  Actually you should be doing this before you begin a new article/post.   I use Jaaxy, a tool that helps me search for keywords.

For sample:

A user finds your website based on the keywords or phrase keywords: “Passion Planner Review”.  If, you plug this keyword or phrase keywords into Jaaxy.   Jaaxy in turn, will provide a list of related keyword you can use.  Jaaxy will also give data on how often they’re searched for and how high competition is for each one.  Now you should be able to create your article that is organic and centered with those keywords or phrase keywords and of interest to your readers and visitors.

2. Optimize your article for your keyword or phrase keywords – Now you can create your article.  Make sure you are using a dedicated WordPress plugin, I use SEO Pack. It will assist you in crafting content based around the given keyword or phrase keywords.


  1. Try not to use the same keyword too many times.
  2. Try not to use irrelevant keywords to “trick” the search engine into indexing your article/post/page.


12 Plus Important Tasks to Check Before You Publish Your Blog Post

12 Plus Important Tasks to Check Before You Publish Your Blog Post

3.  Make your post Title Attractive – First thing visitors see is your title. To encourage visitors to click on it.  Keep the following items in mind for your post title:

  • Make it Informative and Interesting
  • Use numbers on your title
  • Use “How-to guide
  • Make sure your title contains the keyword or phrase keyword
  • Make your title compelling but accurate (don’t over promise or trick visitors)
12 + Important Tasks Before Publish Blog Post

12 + Important Tasks Before Publish Blog Post

4.  Add image attribute

  1. Set feature image
  2. Change the image name to something that includes a keyword for search engine
  3. Add alt txt –just add keywords to the graphics

5.  Use Meta description – it is what appears as a snippet below your title. It’s there to give Google information so it can pull and see a short description of your content.

6.  Use Heading and Sub-Headings – by using H2 & H3 etc., emphasize the main topics and break your content into different sub-sections.

 7.  Format you Content

  • Structure your paragraphs
  • Use a consistent formatting style across all your posts

8.  Make sure to interlink your older post – is help for visitors to read them and stay longer on your website and SEO.

9.  Links – make sure they are working. Make sure your links open in a new tab or page.

  • Interlinks – to older post
  • Outer-link – its links pointing to other websites, that have relevant or more information on your post.

10.  Add a Call-To-Action – get visitors and readers to take the next step

  • Offer a free item such as: eBook, a list, gift or newsletter
  • Ask questions so readers can provide comments, opinions and suggestions
  • Ask them to share your blog if they liked it with other friends or social media

11.  Make sure to proofread your content – check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

12.   Don’t forget – add proper credit to sources such as: videos, images or other website relevant to post (with additional information)



After you Post

13.  Share with your Social Media platforms – is action helps to advertise and bring more traffic and visitors to your website.

  • Pin on Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

14.  Check you Google Analytics and use the code on your content page

  • Check Google Analytics for performs on your blog post
  • Check to see what blog post are getting most traffic
  • What post convert
  • Where visitors drop off
  • Where referrals are coming from


YouTube taken from GoodStuff Mama

Published on Dec 16, 2016


Wow, that was a lot of tasks to take care of.  But we want to have a post that can shine and be ranks by Google. Sure hope these 12 plus important tasks to check before you publish your blog post have inspire you to review your list and maybe you can share what you do when you are preparing your post for publishing.


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Please share your thoughts, comments or suggestions.




  1. This checklist is really useful for me. I have my own website and I post articles frequently on my web page. This checklist is really helpful for me. I have missed so many things but with the help of this checklist I hope not to miss anything while I post my next article. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • Hi Sujandar Mahesan,

      Thank you for the comment. I always appreciate and good to know that the post was of use to my fellow visitors and readers.

      May you continue on your online success.

      Very Best,


  2. I’ve been looking for a checklist like this…so glad I found it 🙂

    When it comes to keywords, one thing I try to do is to find words and phrases that are connected or similar.  As an example, if I was doing a post on tandem bicycles, I wouldn’t always use “tandem bicycles”…but instead toss in the occasional “two seater”, “tandem bike”, etc.  I believe you will get higher ranking in Google this way and hit on keywords that don’t exactly match your keyword.

    I suck at calls to action.  You give some good tips…but do you have a couple of examples to share?

    Thanks again for the post, I will be using these tips on my future posts!

    • Good day KMV,

      Thank you for your comment. Great to see that my post has being of some help. I agree with you doing a key search should have similar or synonymous words. For example: “advice for new bloggers” is much better than using “things to learned about blogging”  – it more specific and it targets a group.

      As for call of action:  if it’s a review give the reader/visitor how the product is going to bring a benefit for them.

      If it’s a post: leave a question/s to encourage visitors/readers to voice their opinions.

      Thank you and very best,

      Lady Esther 

  3. Great information here LadyEsther, thank you. I have been doing several of the tasks you mention but certainly missing out on some as well, like adding a call to action and sharing on my social media. Along with the majority of the tasks you mention I do a grammatical and spelling check and a re-read to see if I can spot a missing bit of good information.

    • Hi Myles,

      Thank you for your comment. Great to know that the list can help in some way. I am glad the it was able to remind you of other task to take care of. As bloggers we have an extensive list to check for our post.

      Very best on your online endeavors,

      Lady Esther 

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